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The Hub enables you to effortlessly manage an unlimited number of WordPress sites

The Ranked WP Site Management page focuses on offering comprehensive services to streamline the operation and maintenance of WordPress sites. It highlights tools for automated updates, security scans, and performance optimizations. The platform is designed to simplify the management process, ensuring websites remain secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally. This service is aimed at both individual site owners and agencies managing multiple WordPress sites, providing them with a centralized and efficient management solution.

RankedWP WordPress Dashboard Website Management

Safe and automated updates that backup, scan your site, run updates and check in and make the

Monitor uptime, get alerts so you never miss a downtime again, with added audits.

Regularly scan your site's security to identify hacks or security holes, and act.

Automate backups by time, day and location, enable hourly 720 point backups.

Optimize and monitor site performance to make sure Google loves your sites.

Track and optimize your SEO with broken link scanning, content analysis & more.


Manage unlimited sites from one dashboard

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The Ranked WP WordPress Site Management page introduces “The Hub,” a powerful tool enabling effortless management of an unlimited number of WordPress sites. It focuses on simplifying the complexities of site management by offering automated updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, and SEO tracking. The service caters to both individual website owners and agencies, providing a centralized dashboard for efficient site management. With features like safe update schedules, uptime alerts, security scans, automated backups, and performance audits, Ranked WP aims to enhance website reliability and performance, ensuring optimal site operation.

Automated Updates

Schedule safe and fully automated updates


Optimize, monitor and audit site performance


Harden security, scan for hacks or malware


Schedule regular offsite backups to US and EU


Scan and monitor your site for SEO issues


Get elegant and detailed analytics

Manage Sites RankedWP

Scan and Monitor